Wingstop Brand System

Client: Wingstop
Agency: Barkley

When you eat Wingstop, you Can't Stop.

Can’t Stop is the energy, intensity and boldness of Wingstop wrapped up in two words.

A brand that can’t be stopped deserves a visual style that can’t be ignored. From out-of-home to online and everything in between - the food is front and center, demanding attention and stoking the Crave. All of the design conveys movement - as if we’re seeing a single frame of a longer video. Crave in motion. It’s clean and bold, using high contrast and straight-on perspectives to get in your face and into your mind. But it’s not just about swagger. It’s about simplicity. Wingstop knows what people crave, so that’s what they give them. Whether it’s the ads, activations, or in-store experience - our system shortens the distance from Want to Wing.

To emphasize the hand-crafted quality of Wingstop's food, I hand-crafted a custom typeface for the brand. "Sauce" is a utilitarian typeface created to mimic the sharp edges used in other areas of the system. Also much like how Wingstop has a variety of flavors that cater to different people, Sauce was altered into different styles and weights to fit any occasion.